Master Craftsman. Rush Seating, Cane, Training Organization.

Workshop and Training Center

The training courses offered are scheduled according to a pedagogical calendar that allows the trainees to do personal work between two sessions.
Courses last 5 days, i.e. 35 hours.
A maximum number of 6 participants allows for individual follow-up, and gives everyone the opportunity to progress at their own pace.
The workshop is open to customers during the sessions. This allows trainees who wish to set up as professionals to better understand the reality of the company, customer relations, analysis of the restoration work to be carried out, consultation, proposal, drafting of the estimate ...

Certified training courses in France by Datadock and Pôle Emploi

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Training courses

The training courses in wickerwork and chair Rush Seating techniques offered are scheduled according to a pedagogical calendar which allows students to do personal work between two sessions.

Seven sessions with specific contents, conducted over each of the two semesters, enable the vast majority of the know-how linked to these activities to be apprehended.

Open to everyone, from beginners to professionals in related trades (cabinetmaker, upholsterer, basket maker, antique dealer), these courses are also aimed at professional practice (see CQP).

Social Medical Educational Medical Establishments :
For those working in the social medical education sector; workshop instructors, occupational therapists, educators, these training courses provide the technical knowledge necessary for supervisory staff.

Visiting your institution : a specific training plan, drawn up in collaboration with the supervising staff, enables us to optimise practices, improve the quality of our work and propose new techniques...

The direct relationship between the trainer and the workshop workers is rich in exchanges.

The programme is available on request.

Discover the training courses in detail on request.

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Denis Guérin, Master Craftsman in caning and upholstering chairs. Cabinet making and restoration. Training organisation, teaching courses in Rush Seating and caning techniques. Preparation for the Certificate of Professional Qualification of Canning and Canning Millers in Furniture and Decoration. Author of the book "cannez rempaillez vos chaises". Supplier of tinted cane and rye straw.
Labelled company 'Living Heritage Company'

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