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Polychrome Rush Seating

The many used chair bottoms testify to the antiquity of this practice. Originally polychrome, the colours have faded with time.
The drawings made at the time the chair was made were generally sober and symmetrical. The choice of colours was limited.
Today the producers of rye straw offer a catalogue of more varied colours. Combined with the mastery of the different covering processes, this allows an infinite number of possibilities.

Chaise polychrome

Monochrome Rush Seating

The choice of a coating process does not depend simply on chance or taste. It must be conditioned by the shape of the seat by its proportions. The raw material, either herbaceous or rye straw, must match the style of the chair. It should match the tone of the wood.

Paillage Traditionnel


The realization of a cane chair obeys precise rules, its resistance in time depends on their respect.
it can be a weaving on crossed frame, a strand by strand collage on back or a work of crimping on contemporary support.

Chaise polychrome

Cabinetmaking - Restoration

The wooden structure of the chair suffers from the wear and tear of time :
Broken bar due to misuse, disassembly, wormwood, etc. As unpleasant as they are inevitable, these "surprises" have led me to understand over time how much this small piece of furniture, so familiar and yet too often neglected, deserves attention.
Once these first operations have been carried out, the wood can finally be cleaned, gummed, lacquered and waxed.
Regaining the grain, restoring warmth to a fruit tree....
It is up to the craftsman to ensure this part of cabinet making.
These practices are part of my activities as a craftsman as well as the know-how I teach.

Ebenisterie - Restauration

The book

"Cannez, Rempaillez Vos Chaises"

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Editor : Dessain et Tolra

Author : Denis Guérin

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Denis Guérin, Master Craftsman in caning and upholstering chairs. Cabinet making and restoration. Training organisation, teaching courses in Rush Seating and caning techniques. Preparation for the Certificate of Professional Qualification of Canning and Canning Millers in Furniture and Decoration. Author of the book "cannez rempaillez vos chaises". Supplier of tinted cane and rye straw.
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