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Straw marquetry

What's that ?

It is an art very similar to wood marquetry, in which straw replaces wood veneer. It is a technique from the Far East that was imported to Europe in the XVIIᵉ century.

Rye straw, covered with a layer of silica, plays with light to attract our attention, to question our gaze.

Using my own palette of tinted rye straw, curious to explore new horizons, I propose below some of my latest realisations.

The book

"Cannez, Rempaillez Vos Chaises"

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Editor : Dessain et Tolra

Author : Denis Guérin

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Denis Guérin, Master Craftsman in caning and upholstering chairs. Cabinet making and restoration. Training organisation, teaching courses in Rush Seating and caning techniques. Preparation for the Certificate of Professional Qualification of Canning and Canning Millers in Furniture and Decoration. Author of the book "cannez rempaillez vos chaises". Supplier of tinted cane and rye straw.
Labelled company 'Living Heritage Company'

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